giovedì 2 marzo 2017

You too

- Do you know what does it move me 
towards you?
- What of you there's not.

- Why, what there's not in me, 
I'm searching in you?
- Because I do have it instead of you.

- And so, why you don't give it to me?
- Because me too, just like you, 
what you do have of me,
I'm looking in you.

- And I'm not giving you?
- No.

- Why, in your opinion?
- Because the exchange must be mutual.

- And if in not so?
- It becomes an exchange of direction.

- Towards whom?
- To whom will exchange for first, 
and if there won't be a second, 
it will remain always the first.

- The first of what?
- Of the second there's not.

- So, it would be the winner?
- I would say not.

- Why?
- Because it will remain without 
part of it.

- And the other?
- The same.

- So the are equal?
- In your opinion, zero and one have 
the same value?
If someone wished to have won, no.

- And if he would have lose?
- Not even.

- So is important to determine it?
- Each one must choose it's own way to.

- Which is your?
- Always three.

- Why?
- Because zero, plus one, plus two, 
do you too.

2 commenti:

  1. Complementarity is the way, double flow, double versus but the same direction. And at the end you finish also this time with the mathematics. ;-)

  2. Whereas the math has never been my favorite field of study, I can consider this work as a little revenge, despite having, as usual, slightly modified it:) I love the double flow in too