mercoledì 28 ottobre 2015

Other men

Liu Bolin 

To certain men we recognise the 
privilege to have them lived.

To others, however,
the merit of letting us live.

lunedì 26 ottobre 2015


Roberto Kusterle

Ideal overlappings that ideally
remain for ever faithful.

venerdì 23 ottobre 2015

Human being

They always look similar, 
according to what moves them.

Almost never, 
for what could them stop.

mercoledì 21 ottobre 2015


The hermetism is the most terrible 
form of disobedience because, 
while expressing the inexpressible,
 never fails to express the unexpressed.

martedì 20 ottobre 2015

lunedì 19 ottobre 2015

Living symbols

An only point is the abandonment.

One line the desert.

A comma one step and
the space between two parenthesis a world.

A circle the oxygen.

The cross a memory.

The asterisk is energetic.

The arrow the unknown.

The number one is now.

The zero was not there.

The apostrophe is a sigh and
the accent the time to take flight.

giovedì 15 ottobre 2015

Crazy cat

I'm the first of four crazy cats.

Black and white
white and black
like my brothers.

As there isn't a predominant color
we interchange them:
so they always go back where they were.

Everybody says we're crazy.

Therefore we call ourselves:
crazy cat one
crazy cat two
crazy cat three
crazy cat four.
In total we are ten or maybe just one.
It depends on the circumstance
and the need of the moment.

Because sometimes it's better to think of being in many,
than a lonely crazy cat only.

Although of four.

giovedì 8 ottobre 2015

Do you?

The first thing you will do after
not having do anything
will be the right one.

martedì 6 ottobre 2015

Time to

- Now it's time to feed your mouth.
- I do not expect more.

- I'll have to do it very slowly.
- I'll wait until you've finished.

- I start now.
- You've done it.

- Through the sole intention?
- Yes.

- Then I stop.
- You can't do this anymore.

- Why?
- Because am I still hungry of your words,
your intentions and love that, through them,
you have been able to demonstrate.

- So let me finish.
- I'll let you start.

giovedì 1 ottobre 2015


Who dominates whom,
if you have to fall upon someone else to dominate
 and hurt you and hurt them?

Dominated by pain.