giovedì 17 settembre 2015


I don't like to be what I am not 
although at times, 
for being so, 
I can't avoid to become it.

mercoledì 16 settembre 2015


Gabriella Zannoni - Oil on board

The first step toward the abyss
 is a dip.

sabato 12 settembre 2015

The pill

You wanted me as the remedy after 
an indigestion.

A colored pill that, 
 made you stop breathing.

giovedì 3 settembre 2015

Another world's eyes

Are just two eyes, and yet,
when you look at them,
you feel to see more,
relative to what you are watching.
A world in which two entrances, meeting,

Parallel tunnels in which the binaries
disjoint converge in one place without
possibility of return.

You can say  to have been there,
to have seen it,

But not to be back.

Who knows?

I know 
you don't know 
that I know.