mercoledì 19 luglio 2017

Ephemeral satisfaction

You can't fill one lack with an absence.

An empty shopping bag with your head inside would 
remain empty and unformed.

Unless you can compensate it with a 
celebral erection but only for 
a limitated time to an occasional 
performance and
with an ephemeral satisfaction.

venerdì 30 giugno 2017


Don't change for love, 
but to love.


martedì 27 giugno 2017

venerdì 23 giugno 2017


Do I know the path of your labyrinth?
Do I possess the right vehicle to 
cross your entire world?
Do I have the universal key to 
open each one of its doors?

And am I able to evaluate the reason that 
would allow me to enter?

Outside is raining. 

giovedì 27 aprile 2017

Every Time

Gabriella Zannoni 

 I fall in love every time and every time I made fall in love Every Time.
I'm a swirl that wind himself to be moved and it's me that I move.
Cause and effect of the same phenomenon and the phenomenon itself.
I cannot free myself from the constraint of a before and an after which 
knows no other time than this.
And it seem strange it can be, and natural knowing it as if it were this and that my 
appearance and what is outside is inside and are together and alone just at the same time.
I find you and I lose you, and I never had another and another I never wanted to, 
because I already have and always have had.
A serious game that entertains and touch,
something that stand still and moves.
So I fall in love and made fall in love because loving myself I love and
 having never win I always lost and I enjoy seriously.
I really think so and explain it and explain it to myself it's almost superfluous as
 much indispensable as it would be if it were final and not precarious.
To live I live and to love I love.
And if to live and love me you do not need anything else than what you need,
so I'm there and there we are.
Let us love us,
we love.