sabato 12 settembre 2015

The pill

You wanted me as the remedy after 
an indigestion.

A colored pill that, 
 made you stop breathing.

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    1. I hope not, Andrew...sometimes, when we stop breathing, is just to collect enough air to breath better again: even thanks to a different cure.
      You are my first public follower and I thank you for your kind presence.

  2. It' s a pleasure and you' re welcome. In any case if you stop breathing, it' s quite impossible that you can collect new air for breathing better. And when it' s a pill that stops the breath ........

  3. I was thinking that, when you have to dive, and hold your breath to do it, you don't die: just dive. The pill is like a temporary place with a temporary effect: harmless, if you know how to get out.