venerdì 10 luglio 2015

Role's game

- What's your favorite game?
- Guard and thief.

- What role do you like to play in the game?
- The thief.

- It's because you feel guilty?
- Because I like to be chased.

- And when you get caught?
- It never happens.

- Why?
- Because before the guard can do it 
I'm already gone.

- Run fast, then.
- Enough.

- And in prison who goes there?
- The guard.

- Why?
- Because he has failed to catch me.

Only for this?
- No: especially for attempting to do so.

- Wasn't it his role?
- Yes.

- But?
- He lacked the motivation to do it.

- And who might had provide it?
- A judge.

- But that role is not foreseen in the game!
- That's why the thief was gone.

- And when he came back?
- He judged himself.

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